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PM Johnny's Zip Slide across the River Clyde

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Caldercruix St John 1314's Thrill seeking! PM Bro Johnny Russell will be taking part in the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward charity Zipline event on May 14th 2016 in aid of Prostate Scotland.

Help support PM Johnny in his zipline across the River Clyde in anyway you can.

If you have it? Please give generously! It will be thankfully received and faithfully applied!

To donate, click the link above then click donate and follow the instructions.

 Thank You very much for your contibution.

PGL Visit to 1314

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Tuesday 15th March Our RWM Bro John Hamilton welcomed into the Temple a fine and distinguished deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward who were headed on this occasion by the RWSPGM Bro Steven Campbell.

After the usual warm welcome was afforded to our visitors from PGL and the mallet exchanged the RWSPGM gave a favourable report of the last year within 1314 and thanked the IPM Bro Allan McLaren Hutton for his labours in his tenure as RWM.

When the business of PGL was concluded the Lodge Office Bearers conferred a demonstration of the Entered Apprentice Degree to a very high standard. Bro Secretary Bro Sandy remarked later in the evening that it was the best degree he had witnessed at 1314 for many many years. High praise indded!

When the labours of the degree were concluded the RWM

thanked Bro Alex for being the Volunteer Candidate.

PGL representative Bro Alex Miller proposed a very appreciative vote of thanks to the degree team for their labours to which our RWM Bro John Hamilton suitably replied.

All business of the evening ended all brethren retired to the lounge for the usual 1314 hospitality.

Installation Ceremony

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Saturday 12th December 2015.

I the RWM of Caldercuix St John 1314 wore my chain of office for the last and 130th time for at one point later in the afternoon I would be passing it on to my successor RWM Elect Bro John Hamilton.

Our annual Installation ceremony attracted visitors from within and out with the Province and it was a great delight to see so many familiar faces.

From the East I warmly welcomed our visitors among us and charged them to take back fraternal greetings from everyone at 1314 to their respective Lodges and RWMs at the earliest opportunity.

I next thanked the brethren of 1314 for their continued support of the Lodge and then called upon them to welcome our visitors into the Temple in the usual manner.

Without any further ado I invited the acting DoC Bro Scott Haviland along with our Piper, Bro Cameron Strain to retire in order to present and Pipe in a deputation from the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward into the Lodge to witness our ceremony of Installation.

I cordially welcomed the deputation into the Lodge which was headed on this occasion by the Right Worshipful Substitute Provincial Grand Master Bro Jim Ferguson and indicated to him that it was a great honour and privilege to welcome him and the PGL deputation into the Lodge on this day of ceremony and celebration.

After inviting the RWSPGM Bro Jim to the East I presented him with the Gavel and whilst in his possession he congratulated me on a very successful year and also complimented me on my numerous visits to Lodges in and out with the Province and in so doing promoting the interests and good name of Caldercruix St John 1314.

Once the Gavel was returned I asked the DoC and Piper to once again retire and to present to the assembled brethren in the Temple our three Installing Masters.

It was a great honour to welcome RWIM Bro Billy Murray, RWIM Bro Jeff Spence and RWIM Bro Charles Ringrose into their Mother Lodge.

I next invited the three wise men to the East where with a great feeling of pride, somewhat tinged with regret I surrendered the emblem of power and authority in my mother Lodge for the last and final time to the RWIM Bro Billy Murray for him and his two installing colleagues to continue with the Ceremony of Installation.

Our New RWM Bro John Hamilton was then installed into the Chair of King Solomon in a dignified and solemn manner which I'm sure was an emotional occasion for him.

Our three installing Masters can feel very proud with themselves for the manner in which they conducted the Installation and I'm sure that the experience will live with them and our RWM for a very long time.

The 1314 Office Bearers were installed in an excellent manner by RWIM Bro Charles Ringrose who has now performed these special duties on three occasions now.

The RWM was congratulated by the RWSPGM Bro Jim Ferguson as well as the brethren from the Lodge.

The RWM Bro John Hamilton presented me with my Past Master Jewel and thanked me for my labours over the past twelve months.

I then thanked the RWM for his kind sentiments and expressed that it had been a great privilege and honour to serve this Lodge as RWM and thanked all the brethren, Past Masters , Secretary and Treasurer for their support over the year.

Once the PGL Deputation and Installing Masters retired our RWM Bro John took full charge of the Lodge for the first time and proceed with the remainder of the Lodge business before closing the Lodge in due and ancient form.

The installation now concluded for another year the Lodge celebrated the appointment of new RWM and office bearers with a lovely meal and refreshments along with usual mix of toasts, replies and entertainment!

It was late or perhaps early which ever way you want to look at it when the last of the brethren departed the premises.

As I write these words as the last entry in my diary of a year in the chair exactly a year to the very day that I was installed as RWM of 1314 I find it a very strange experience indeed because I would presume on the first anniversary of something special in ones life it would be customary to celebrate that event.

However today as IPM its ironic that although I feel very proud indeed, I also actually now feel a little deflated, a year on from that momentous and wonderful occasion that I experienced 12 months ago!



AMH RWM 1314 Last Meeting

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Tuesday 1st December 2015

I the RWM of Caldercruix St John 1314 Bro Allan McLaren Hutton chaired my last regular meeting as RWM of this fine old Lodge.

On this occasion I had invited Lodge Whifflet St John 963 to be our final visiting deputation.

However, before I got the chance to go up to the lounge along with my Paster Masters to toast RWM Bro Brian Martin and his deputation from Coatbridge, a deputation from New Monkland Montrose 88 headed by their newly installed RWM Bro Ian Kelttie had arrived to recapture the "Travelling Gavel"

After welcoming the deputation From 88 into the Temple I Invited RWM Ian along with his Past Masters to the East where I reluctantly surrendered the "Gavel" which our Lodge had only managed to keep for a week. I then congratulated RWM Ian and his brethren on being successful in their endeavours.

As this was my last meeting as Right Worshipful Master I felt it pertinent to express my sincere thanks to the brethren of my Mother Lodge for making it such an enjoyable experience especially to Bro Treasurer George Randell and Bro Secretary Sandy Stewart for their sterling work behind the scenes with the affairs of the Lodge. I also thanked my Past Masters, Bro Jeff Spence, Bro Billy Murray, Bro Johnny Russell and Bro Charles Ringrose for all their help and words of Wisdom throughout the year.

I then intimated that it had been an honour and a privilege to serve the Lodge as RWM for the last twelve months and thanked all the brethren who accompanied me on each of the 124 occasions that I had worn my chain of office!

I then adjourned the meeting to greet and toast our visitors in the upstairs lounge.

Once the Lodge was resumed our Bro Director of Ceremonies presented the visiting deputation to the busy Temple.

I welcomed RWM Brian Martin and his fine large and distinguished deputation which was enhanced with the presence of the RWM of Coltswood Glenboig 1067 Bro Brian Hillen into the Lodge and invited both RWM to the East.

Once the Gavel was exchanged the assembled brethren witnessed an excellent Entered Apprentice Degree conferred by the Office Bearers of 963 on our volunteer candidate who was 1314's newest MM, my son Bro Allan McLaren Hutton Jnr.

When the labours of the 963 Craftsmen were complete I proposed a vote of thanks to the RWM Brian and his brethren.

I expressed that although tonight's degree had been an exemplification of the EA degree it had still been a very worthwhile exercise as young Allan is still in the early days of his Masonic Career and will have learned from what he had experienced here this evening such was the standard of the explanation of the degree by the 963 Office bearers.

The RWM of 963 Bro Martin expressed a suitable reply and mentioned that this evening had been a fitting way to end a very successful year for both him and I as this was also his last time representing his Lodge as RWM.

Before bringing the Mallet down for the last time to close the Lodge as RWM I recalled to the assembled brethren that at the end of my very first meeting as RWM of 1314 twelve months ago, My Depute Master Bro Jeff Spence had said to me " well done Allan you've only got another 18 more meetings to go"

Therefore almost a year later I remarked " Well Bro Jeff, there you go, I've done it, My job is complete!"

I then invited all brethren to join me in the upstairs lounge for a spot of Caldercruix St John 1314 hospitality.


Capturing the Gavel!

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Monday 23rd November 2015.

I the RWM of Caldercruix St John 1314 along with an unofficial deputation of 18 brethren from my lodge visited NMM 88 in the hope that we could capture the "Travelling Gavel" for the first time.

However we were not the only Lodge attempting to do so as Lodge Coltswood Glenboig 1067 brought along a deputation too.

However before we entered the Temple 1067 conceded victory to 1314 as we had the larger deputation.

My deputation were warmly invited into the Temple by the RWM of NMM 88 Bro Andy McCulloch and thereafter asked the purpose of our visit.

I explained that we were endeavouring to capture the "Travelling Gavel" and had brought along the requisite charity donation in order to receive it.

Our Lodge were congratulated on being successful in our task and I was then invited to the East where I was presented with the Gavel that we had been in search of.

On receiving the "Gavel" I expressed how delighted I was that the brethren of 1314 had responded to my call and how pleasing it was to at last get my hands on the "Gavel" as the Lodge had unsuccessfully attempted to gain it back in the summer.

I then intimated to the packed temple which had over 90 brethren in attendance that if any Lodge was desirous of recapturing the "Travelling Gavel" from Caldercruix St John 1314 we would be more than delighted to welcome them and laid down the challenge by quoting the words of a very famous Freemason when I said. Here at 1314 "We Welcome the Chase"

Thereafter a deputation from Lodge Union 244 Stonehouse entered the Temple and proceeded to confer the the Master Mason Degree with great discipline, dignity and where appropriate a certain degree of robustness on two brethren who I'm certain will remember the experience for a very long time.

When 244s labours were concluded Caldercruix St John 1314's IPM Bro Johnny Russell proposed a very fine vote of thanks to which the RWM of 244 Bro John McGregor made a suitable reply.

When the business of the evening was concluded all brethren retired to the upstairs lounge to partake in the hospitality of NMM88.

In conclusion, What a wonder evening was had by all and emphasises the power of the "Travelling Gavel" in bringing together so many like minded people and also raising charity funds too. it's what Freemasonry is all about.

I would also like to congratulate the RWM of 88 Bro Andy McCulloch on having an excellent year in Office as this was his last regular meeting as RWM and also offer my commiserations to the RWM of 1067 Bro Brian Hillen, because I know how it feels to lose out on attempting to capture the "Gavel"However Caldercruix St John 1314 meet the 1st and 3rd Tuesday's of the Month "We Welcome The Chase"


A visit from 617

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Tuesday 17th November 2015.

On the occasion of hosting my penultimate meeting as RWM of Caldercruix St John 1314 I had the very great pleasure of welcoming from the Province of Renfrewshire East a deputation from Lodge Sir George Cathcart 617 into the temple to confer an exemplification of the Fellow Craft Degree.

It was a real delight to meet and greet our visitors and their recently installed RWM Bro Alexander Cruixshanks McAleer into the Lodge as this first time visit from 617 had been almost six years in the making.

It was through my association with my friend and brother from 617 Bro Willie Hamilton and visiting his lodge from time to time over the past six years since I took my first step in Freemasonry that I got to know the brethren of Sir George Cathcart, then eventually in my year as RWM have the opportunity to invite them to my lodge to confer a degree.

Once our Director of Ceremonies Bro Scott Haviland had presented the 617 deputation to the Lodge I invited RWM Bro Alex to the East where we exchanged the gavel.

Thereafter we witnessed an excellent and instructive working of the Fellow Craft Degree on our volunteer candidate for the evening Bro Alex Kerr.

When the labours of the Sir George Cathcart craftsmen were over and the gavel returned I proposed a vote of thanks to the 617 brethren for the quality and dignity of their degree work.

I then invited RWM Bro Alex to reply however Alex explained that it was customary in 617 for the RWM to delegate that duty to another brother, so therefore PM Bro Gordon Fleming expressed a suitable reply.

This was the RWM of 617's first ever meeting since he was installed in the Chair of King Solomon and has to be commended for the manner in which he carried out his new duties.

Before concluding the business of the evening I once again thanked RWM Bro Alex and his deputation for coming along at my request and invited him and his brethren to join my brethren and I in the upstairs lounge for the usual 1314 hospitality and harmony.

A Visit to 1461

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Monday 9th November 2015.

I the RWM of Caldercruix St John 1314 had the greatest of pleasures to lead a deputation from my Mother Lodge for the last time this year and on this occasion visit Bargeddie to confer an exemplification of the Entered Apprentice degree at Lodge Heatheryknowe 1461.

After being welcomed into the Lodge by the New RWM of 1461 Bro Robert McDonald I was invited to the East but before taking up his invitation I thanked him and his brethren for the warmth and cordiality afforded to me and my deputation and also thanked his Director of Ceremonies for his very kind introduction.

I also congratulated the new 1461 RWM on attaining the Chair of King Solomon in his Lodge for the third time in his Masonic career

After taking up my place in the East I was presented with the mallet and then our brethren proceeded to confer the degree.

It was very pleasing indeed to have two new additions to our degree team.

Bro Paul McClintock was conferring the apron ritual for only the second time and also the tools for the very first time.

Bro Kenny Robertson conferred the North East Corner for the first time too.

The two debutants are to be complimented for their labours because to confer their ritual to the high standard that these two brethren did just doesn’t happen overnight and takes a lot of effort and dedication.

I look forward with relish to future ritual work from these two brethren who are two welcome additions to our current dedicated degree team.

Due to a late call off PM Bro Charles Ringrose took on the role of WJW and also conferred the Jewels and Tenets lecture and has to be applauded for taking on these duties at such short notice.

The degree team conducted their work in an exemplary manner which is only to be expected by the brethren of 1314.

Once the degree work was concluded I thanked the volunteer candidate PM Bro Robert Totten for assisting with the degree and returned the mallet to the RWM Bro Robert.

Heatheryknowe’s Director of Ceremonies proposed a vote of thanks to the 1314 craftsmen and was very complimentary in his praise of our work.

There after the Lodge was closed in due and ancient form then all brethren retired to enjoy some 1461 hospitality.

It was with a tinge of sadness when I made my way home that I realised that I had

headed my Lodge with a visiting deputation as RWM for the last time.



Remembrance Day service

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Sunday 8th November 2015.

Along with my Depute Master Bro Jeff Spence I attended the Remembrance Day Service in Hamilton.

Also in attendance was the the RWPGM, distinguished PGL brethren, various RWMs and numerous brethren from throughout the Province of Lanarkshire Middle Ward.

Unfortunately due to the inclement weather the parade and service didn't go ahead as planned at the war memorial. However on this occasion the service was held in the banqueting suite of the County buildings.

The RWPGM Bro Tom Davidson laid a wreath as a mark of respect on behalf of the Masonic brethren of the Province.

It was a great honour and privilege to represent Caldercruix St John 1314 as RWM at such a poignant and important day of the year which was also well attended by all public service.



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Tuesday 3rd November 2015.

It was that time of year once again when the Lodge have their Annual General Meeting when the Lodge announce their financial results and elect the new RWM and Office bearers for the next year.

It was most pleasing to hear the treasurer's financial report and to hear that the Lodge had a very good year with a considerable amount of new income brought into the Lodge due to special meetings, a couple of social functions and good number of visiting brethren from other Lodges from within and out with the Province contributing to a record breaking year for Lodge collections and prize draw incomes.

I congratulated the new office bearers elect for taking up their respective roles and uthen gave a report on my recent visits to various Lodges and Masonic events.

Once the business of the evening was over and I brought the mallet down to end proceedings I took take my regalia off and I started to feel a sense of sadness that my reign as RWM would soon be over.



Annual Divine Service

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Sunday 1st November 2015.

I the RWM of Caldercruix St John 1314 along nine other brethren from the Lodge attended the annual Masonic Divine Service at New Wellwynd Parish Church in Airdrie.

The service and sermon was conducted by Minister Robbie Hamilton with three readings from the VSL by the RWM of 1314 Bro Allan McLaren Hutton, the RWM of 88 Bro Andy McCulloch and PM of 88 Bro Ian McIndoe.

All four Airdrie Masonic Lodges were represented at the Service with members of the Provincial Grand Lodge of Lanarkshire Middle Ward also present too.

Once the service was concluded everyone was invited into the church hall for coffee, tea and snacks.